Chef Consultant, Cakes & Hand made Chocolates

Bespoke Cake service & Quality hand made Chocolates made to order. Based in Bar Hill, Cambridge just off the A14. Please See Gallery for Previous work & contact me for pricing & availability.

Michelle Gillott is one of the UK leading pastry chefs, during her career she has worked in such places as the prestigious Midsummer House Restaurant in Cambridge. Her modern approach to patisserie helped the restaurant to achieve its 2nd Michelin star in 2005. Michelle’s interest in new techniques and modern cookery methods have lead her into her current role as the UK Consultant chef for the Sosa brand (teaching molecular gastronomy) in association with the Home Chocolate Factory. Michelle often demonstrates around the country & Ireland (Redmond Fine Foods) to Chocolatiers, leading chefs, at the International Cake shows & Food festivals. She’s also guest teacher at Barry-Callebaut`s UK chocolate academy for Cacao Barry.

Guest TV Chef The last 16 months Michelle has presented on Live TV for Craft & create with the Home Chocolate Factory as guest Chef sharing recipes, hints & tips for people to recreate their very own hand made luxurious chocolates & cakes at home with a professional touch.

Publication Michelle got her first publication in “The Modern Patissiers” by Oliver Dupon September 2013 alongside some of the finest patissiers in the world. Looking at doing an “Ebook”

Consultancy service :

Demonstrations, support  is given to the Following list of Sosa Distributors.

Please see my calendar to attend one of my Sosa, Chocolate or Dessert coursers/Demonstrations.

Please visit my SOSA info to read more & see recipes Please use the search function or contact me if you cant find what your looking for.

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Woods foodservice 

As you know I work on behalf of several Sosa distributors around the UK & Ireland offering support & technical advice on the Sosa range.

LOGO BLUE woods foodserviceOne of my distributors is woods food service based Southall Middlesex Voted ‘Best Foodservice company 2016 & 2015’ Supplier to London’s & home counties finest establishments.

Not only do they supply a large selection of the range I’ve teamed up to offer FREE Sosa training / demonstrations in both pastry & main kitchen run quarterly. Nice to see several faces returning to the demonstrations along with a few new customers joining us on the last one.

The demonstrations give recipes, inspiration using modern techniques helping speed up production with in busy kitchens and a chance to ask questions and iron out any issues you may have encountered using the Sosa range. There’s always tasting pots of items made allowing chefs to get a real sence of presence of taste and texture.

A few photos from the past three demonstrations. With just some of the recipes covered….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Demo followed by a warehouse tour


Some of the Woods Foodservice team

flavour pairing workshop set up

On the 1st demo I set up a flavour pairing workshop with Blind tastings

On the second demonstration I got asked lots of questions on Spherification and smoking so here are a few notes from the third demonstration mainly covering those areas:


Smoking can be achieved in many ways but Sosa make it easy to flavour with smoke by using the following: Sosa Smoke powder & Sosa Aroma in liquid form. I’m a big fan of the Smoke powder its so easy to use as a seasoning to Flavour soups, vinaigrettes, curing, caramels, butter, breads, chocolate truffles, fudge, sauces. Visually this can be enhanced by a little theatre at the table using a Smoke gun and cloche both available download your brochure here: Sosa equipment brochure Items by special order only!

SOSA_PowderSmokeFlavour_smSOSA_SmokeFlavour_smhtid123_smcloche - smoking


smoked dressing Ingredients:

  • 60g                        Grapeseed Oil
  • 25g                        White Wine Vinegar
  • 2.5g                       SOSA Smoke Powder
  • Seasoning           Go easy as the Smoke Powder is not salted but comes across salty
  • Cherry Tomatoes


  • Combine all the ingredients for the Smoked dressing
  • Add to the tomatoes a few minutes before serving.




  • 60g                         Salt
  • 40g                         Sugar
  • 7g                           SOSA Smoke Powder
  • 1                             Small bunch of Thyme
  • 1                             Lemon Zest
  • 4                             Large Mackerel fillets


  1. Combine the marinade & rub onto the Mackerel fillets, vac-pack if available.
  2. Leave 6 to 12 hours depending on size of fillets.
  3. Then wash off in cold running water.
  4. Ready to serve. Submerge in oil if not using straight away.



  • 100g                      NEW SOSA Culinary Journey Ponzu Sauce
  • 100g                      Olive Oil
  • 50g                        Mineral Water
  • 5g                           SOSA Natural Emul
  • 1g                           SOSA Guar Gum


  1. Blend the Ponzu Sauce + Water + Natural Emul + Guar Gum with a hand blender.
  2. Then add the oil, blending to make an egg free mayonnaise style sauce.



  • 400g                      Piquillo Peppers (Tinned) Blended (available at woods food service)
  • 100g                      Mineral Water
  • Season to taste (salt & pepper)
  • 25g                         SOSA Vegetable Powder Gelling Powder


  1. Mix all the ingredients together and bring to the boil
  2. Pour onto an oiled tray and allow to set

Culinary Journey is a NEW range from Sosa its a selection of sauces and marinades based around authentic recipes from around the world down load culinary journey brochure here

Woods Food Service website

Hope to see you on the next woods food service demo email to give you details as soon as dates are booked.

just in case you don’t have a copy down load the latest Sosa Brochure

Extra reading on spherification

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Sosa Training – New Pastry academy – london 

I’m now teaching Sosa and Pastry at the pastry academy along side my colleague Jonathan who runs Chocolate tempering courses and other pastry classes. view here to book a class that takes your fancy or contact me to organise a one to one 1/2 day or full day training based around you and your requirements.

We finally got the keys to the new showroom last year now fitted with hand build units to display all the chocolate moulds & pastry equipment and Sosa Ingredients it’s a far cry from the old staples corner warehouse the home chocolate factory used to have.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With everything laid out its easy to browse and get inspiration for new dishes, garnishes, textures, flavours, chocolate lines along with training or general expert advice on the Sosa Range & tempering machines from myself & Jonathan. We currently have Cake decorating equipment sale. This truly is pastry chefs heaven.

We have all ready had a large number of Pastry Chefs, Chocolatiers & chefs through the door to look around, on demos & consultations. An amazing few days spent with Jordi to prep at the academy then run a few demos back to back both at the academy then a bigger demo at the national bakery. We are looking forward to Sarah Barber as our next guest chef demo based around her new book. Which we now have on stock.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Pastry, Chocolate & Sosa Courses that myself and Jonathan run are for professional wanting to extend their knowledge learning new techniques & skills from Professionals. Most of our 2 hour courses start at £25 based around modules concentrating just on one area so packed full of information, fact sheets (if appropriate), recipes that you see work in front of you, tasting and time to ask questions. My Sosa Gelling agents class has proved very popular you get to see all the Sosa gelling agents used, see which to use for what job getting the best from the range walking away comfortably knowing which products are suitable for your style of food having seen them used & tasted the different textures. A few shots from some of the courses Book Here

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Home chocolate factory are also now a supplier of the So Good magazine. The magazine can be purchased on its own or linked with a demo where a few of the dishes are created from the book combining the equipment & Sosa Ingredients we sell book on the next course here. I Look forward to seeing you on a course or at the shop! Let me know if you popping in nice to put a face to a contact…

Sorry again my blog is not fully functional on all links- you may have to use the search facility as my domain ran out & I never received notification. Alternatively email me


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Sorry My blog has been down

Sorry my blog has been down & is still not working 100%

My domain ran out I didn’t realise, I wish someone had said as someone has now cleverly purchased my domain so I`m reverting back to for now.

This I’m sorry to say is going to make using links impossible until I get around to changing them all. How ever if there is a link you want to follow try using the search on my blog in stead of clicking the link. if you still cant find the info you want please email me on and I will send you to appropriate information regarding Sosa Information or tutorials ASAP or tweet me if you need urgent info. @Chocoshells

Thanks in advance for your patience & hope you continue to use my blog as a point of reference for Sosa, Pastry & cake inspiration.


Michelle Gillott

UK Sosa Chef Consultant

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Ice cream expo 2015

20150219-151117.jpgMy second year running of doing the ice cream expo with The home chocolate factory at Yorkshire exhibition centre in Harrogate.
It was nice to be asked to run a few seminars while I was there. Link to ICA website – Ice cream aliance

Ice cream Expo 2015 Seminar line up.

Just setting up for my first seminar.

12.45pm – 1.30pm Gourmet Ice Cream & Developing Flavours

Presented by Michelle Gillott from Home Chocolate Factory Michelle will cover a number of things in this practical seminar including trends, the importance of flavour and how our sensors work. A blind tasting will also take place. “

With 80% of our taste been responsible from our smell I set out to show how easy it is to pair Aromas & come up with new Flavour combinations for ice creams, sorbets & gelato. Using the amazing Alphabet of Flavours from our Sosa Range. The aromas, essential oils & natural extracts can also be used to flavour the ice cream or to enhance & tweak flavours already been used. so its a win win for product development.

setting up for seminar

As There are over 200 flavours in the box set with a selection not really appropriate to ice creams in the commercial market we had these three stunning Mini Flavour Labs made up just for the show. Fruit & Nuts // Flowers & Herbs // Best sellers.


As well as discussing Aroma in the seminar I also talked about adding texture to ice cream. The addition of Sosa Wetproof crispy (freeze dried fruit coated in cocoa butter) so they don’t dissolve in the ice cream. Addition of sauces & fruits in sauce also make the finished product more desirable and adding value.


Then moved on to mono portions & ice cream cakes using our silikomart moulds finishing with Spraying with chocolate & cocoa butter using the Krebb food grade spray gun.

DSC_7480Finishing the seminar with a blind aroma test & blind tasting of two sorbets:

  • ** Hoeggarden beer sorbet with cold confit orange & Cantonese sesame topped with orange foam using Sosa ProEspuma (vegetarian foaming agent).
  • ** White chocolate truffle shells filled with white chocolate sorbet, raspberry wetproof crispy & dipped in chocolate mixed with sosa Tarragon oil.




Our SELMI Chocolate tempering machine below had lots of interest.

20150219-151245.jpgThe home chocolate factory are nearly complete on their NEW premises with a Pastry Academy in crickelwood London were myself & Johnathan will be running training courses on chocolate work – tempering, ganaches & showpieces along with a selection of dessert / pastry courses. I will post a list of courses as soon as they are ready.






Notes from demo

The Flavour Experience & Developing New Combinations
When supplying restaurants & hotels it is important to be cognisant of the latest trends and the need to create a point of difference.
Trends – Within the hotel & restaurant market, pastry chefs tend to follow the dishes and flavor ideas created by the high end chefs working at the best restaurants in the world. These original signature dishes are often featured in cook books published by these chefs, and are posted by other chefs and diners on social media. In this way, these new dishes are picked up and adapted by other chefs creating new trends.
One of the major influences behind the development of new trends is the enormous range of innovative ingredients from SOSA. By offering what is in effect a gastronomic tool kit, chefs are able to really push the boundaries when it comes to developing new ideas & flavor combinations. Less Pastry Chefs are now making thick infused Anglaise bases and instead, are concentrating on flavour impact, cold blending of stabilisers and the addition of inclusions to help with flavour impact.
It is worth mentioning that in recent years ice creams & sorbets are not just served as dessert or as palate cleansers but are used on savoury dishes accompanying starters & main courses.
Sight – It is important to remember the impact of colour on the presentation of food – the addition of fruit pieces & fruits in sauce can make dishes looks more appealing & luxurious.
Texture – the expectation of crunchiness is very appealing. The obvious choice is the addition of inclusions such as toasted nuts, chocolate coatings & ice cream cones but have you thought about Wetproof fruit crispies or popping candy.
Flavour – the flavour experience derives mainly from the sensations of taste, touch & smell.
 The sense of taste connects to our flavour experience – because when we taste food we detect the five basic ‘flavours types’ in our mouth and on our tongue: sweet, salt, bitter, sour and umami.
 The feeling we experience while biting and chewing our food enable us to experience texture, freshness and pungency.
 While we perceive aromas through the nose and through the mouth & they are responsible for 80% of our taste.
Ingredient aroma profiles – An ingredient profile is made up of dozens of aroma molecules but only a few are detectable to humans. A lot of these aroma molecules are shared by different ingredients and this ‘sharing’ can indicate which ingredients match. The more molecules they share the better the match.

SOSA together with the Home Chocolate Factory have developed a selection of Mini Aroma Labs to help in the development of new flavour combinations. By smelling the aromas together, one can determine the match. The aromas can also be used in the development stage of new ice creams, sorbets & gelatos.
Practical using the Mini Aroma Labs – We have put together a few combinations you may not have normally thought about.
Identify the flavours though the aroma combinations & suggest which one matches the ice cream passed around.
Flavour combo 1 ___________________________________________________________
Flavour Combo 2 ___________________________________________________________
Flavour Combo 3 ___________________________________________________________
Another way to do this is to choose a products that are already popular such as cocktails and look for the ingredient matches. Another example is Hoegaarden beer – Oats, Orange & Coriander. Giving it a little twist from Oats to Cantonese Toasted Sesame.
Tasting notes ____________________________________________________________

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Christmas collection – now available

Chocolate Christmas tree

Bronze award

award bronzeI want to take a minute to say Have a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year. Thank you for following & using my Blog in 2014.

I was delighted to have won a Bronze award with my Chocolate Christmas tree at the International cake show Birmingham this year.

The tree stands over 16cm tall with over 5kg of chocolate & Cocoa butter used.

I have prepared a selection of hand made chocolates, caramels & fondants perfect for Gifts or enjoying with friends after dinner. Please see below for selections to choose from, Please note there are more than 6 flavours on a first come first served basis.

Gift Boxes - truffle selection 6 or 12

Gift Boxes – truffle selection available in 6 or 24

Gift Box of 24 is £22 + P&P £3.95

Gift box of 6 is £5.50 + P&P £3.95

Mix Box or Flavours of your choice from selection below.

Please note there are nuts in my mix box also all the chocolates were produced in the same area so are not nut free if you have serious allergy.

chocolate trayIf you want to do away with the fancy wrapping I can do you a selection of chocolates in Black insert tray & bag, in multiples of Six.

  • Tray of 6 £4.50 +P&P £3.95 1st class
  • Tray of 12 £9. +P&P £3.95 1st class
  • Tray of 18 £13. +P&P £4.95 1st class
  • Tray of 24 £17. + P&P £4.95 1st class

orange & Cointreau cream - filling

Cointreau & Orange cream

70 % Dark chocolate shell filled with a White chocolate, Orange, Cointreau & cream – contains Dairy

Arabic coffee cups

Arabic Coffee Cups

Dark chocolate cups filled with a Blend of Arabic coffee Dark & Milk chocolate. Dusted with cocoa & Topped with a Gold Chocolate Coffee Bean. –Contains Dairy

Violet Fondant creams

Violet Fondant Cream cups

Dark chocolate cups filled with a Fondant Butter cream fragranced with Violet aroma, toped with crystalized violet – Contains dairy

Pistachio & Marzipan truffle

Pistachio & Marzipan Truffle

White Chocolate Ganache made with Marzipan & Pistachio paste. Topped with a crunchy roasted pistachio dipped in Manitol (A type of sugar) – Contains Nuts, Dairy

Rose Truffles

Rose Truffles

70% Dark chocolate shell filled with a Blend of Milk & Dark chocolate lightly fragranced with Damask Rose oil. – Contains Dairy

My chocolate twist on Turkish delight

Fruit & Nut

Fruit & Nut

Roasted Hazelnuts, Almonds & raisins set in a blend of cream, Dark & Milk chocolate –Contains Nuts, Dairy & Lupin

Caramel Mou

Caramel Mou

Soft chewy bourbon vanilla caramel Hand dipped in Valrhona Caramelia 36% Milk chocolate – Contains Dairy

Chocolate House

Chocolate House

Over 1kg chocolate used decorated with Royal icing & sweets – Collection only £40

chocolate trees

Solid Chocolate Trees

£8 Each – collection only 5.5″ Tall Approximately 330g solid chocolate

  • one Milk chocolate made up
  • one Milk chocolate with Rice crispy & oreo biscuits
  • One 70% Dark Chocolate decorated with green cocoa butter.


The New Patissiers

£35 +P&P

I feature in the book that was published last year. The book has some amazing Desserts, cakes & pastries from some of the worlds best Pastry chefs

To place an order please fill in the form below. I will then invoice you. To be paid by bank transfer or Cash on collection. If you have any issues please contact me on 07989386141

As its getting close to Christmas I don’t want to disappoint please call or text me to ensure I have seen your order. (A little tricky keeping on top of orders while in the kitchen & looking after 2 little ones.

I want to Whish you a Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year


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Sosa Whip


Sosa WhipOn my last few Demonstrations I have been showcasing Sosa Whip. It`s very easy to use & very practical as a substitute for egg white. With good feedback from chefs who have tried it.

Important information

So What is it? Hydrolization of milk protien.
Allergen information: Milk/Lactic
Dosage: 1-2g/kg Meringue. 3g/kg Marshmallow. 5g/kg Foam
How to use: Mix in cold & whisk with electric whisk. Often recipes combine with Sosa gelespessa


  • Substitute for Egg white
  • Foams / Clouds- with a Shaving foam texture
  • Egg Free Meringue
  • Egg Free Marshmallow
  • Egg free Macarons
  • Stabilise Soufflé
  • Hot Chocolate topper
  • Crackers

if you have any pictures you want to share & add using sosa whip Please tweet me @chocoshells or email full credits will be given for any photos

So to give you more ideas here are a few pictures, recipes & videos


Yogurt Foam – Picture above

  • 500g Yogurt
  • 3g Sosa Gelespessa
  • 5g Sosa Whip
  • 100g sugar


  1. Combine the yogurt + Gelespessa + Whip + 1/2 sugar
  2. Whisk on kitchen aid until light & fluffy
  3. add the remaining sugar and keep whisking until light meringue texture

Hot Chocolate Topper – Whisked milk flavoured with Sosa Aroma

  • 500g UHT Milk – Please note it has o be UHT milk!
  • 3g Sosa Gelespessa
  • 5g Sosa Whip
  • 100g Sugar
  • Sosa Aroma to taste (I have tried toffee 3 sprays, Peppermint 1 spray) Other Sosa Aromas that would be amazing with hot chocolate but not tried Cinnamon aroma, biscuit aroma, sweet orange, Tiramisu, Chocolate Mint, Cardamom, toasted hazelnut

Method as above for yogurt foam. this can be re-whisked but it does hold up for a long time & doesn’t really melt in the heat like cream see picture foam after 12 hours.

Fruit Clouds – use recipe as above but exchange milk to fruit puree.

Crackers – using the above recipe for Milk foam or fruit clouds

  • Once whisked spoon onto a mat & dehydrate
  • The volume will collapse as there is not enough sugar to hold it up.
  • You will be left with a nobly surface & an airy bubble surface underneath, Please see picture above.
  • The ones in the picture are all Milk based some where flavoured with toffee aroma, some combined with 5g Sosa Apple compound other folded cocoa powder.
  • Store in airtight box. use Sosa Dry Sec if you have them.

Meringue – Egg Free

  • 250g Fruit Puree
  • 1.5g Sosa Whip
  • 200g Sugar
  • 100g Icing Sugar


  1. Combine the Fruit puree +caster sugar + Sosa Whip
  2. Whisk until light meringue texture
  3. Whisk in the icing sugar
  4. Pipe onto silpat mats & dehydrate 6hours at 55C or dry in low oven

Egg free – Fruit Meringue

The New Home Chocolate Factory Brochure is ready to Down load HCF 14-15 Catalogue 16Nov

Don’t forget the Sosa Range is now also available from all the Following Distributors Down load: SOSA_DISTRIBUTORS_2014_ use or click on photo to enlarge.

UK Sosa Distributors

UK Sosa Distributors


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ICS Birmingham NEC 2014

If you stopped by my demo at the International Cake Show – Birmingham on Friday and are new to my blog then welcome.

ICS Birmingham 2014

ICS Birmingham 2014

My blog is designed to give you inspiration ideas & recipes to Chefs in relation to the Sosa Brand, Cake decorating & Help with your Chocolate making weather its for a hobby or a new business adventure. There is already a lot about Chocolate at the top of this page under the menus tab hover over “Recipes for cakes & home” Remember if you didn’t buy your moulds, chocolate melters or packaging at the show from Tracy’s cakes then look at The home chocolate factory Where you will find everything you need weather a complete beginner or advanced chocolatier as we supply to the leading chocolate shops & pastry chefs in hotels & restaurants in the UK. Don’t forget chocolate for your moulds to buy

Im on the ICS Website, in the brochure & on the Entrance hall

Im on the ICS Website, in the brochure & on the Entrance hall

There is also previous cake show posts on my blog as I have done demonstrations there for the last 4 years at Manchester, Birmingham & London demonstrating Sugar flowers & airbrushing. again the Home chocolate factory have a large selection of specialist cake decorating equipment. Note our airbrush colours can be sprayed onto chocolate.

I was delighted to receive a Bronze medal for my Chocolate Christmas tree in the decorative exhibit. 

My Entry in to the decorative exibit

My Entry in to the decorative exibit

My tree was made entirely of tempered chocolate & Coloured cocoa butters. Standing over 60cm and approximately 5kg of Barry Callebaut chocolate used.

Hot Choc Spray

Hot Choc Spray

I had sprayed my cone with Black cocoa butter using our NEW KREBS Hot Choc Spray gun which is food grade & keeps your cocoa butter heated in the machine. I also used the gun to spray the inside of my polycarbonate dome moulds with Red, White & green cocoa butter before filling with white chocolate. A selection of Shimmer powders were added to give a little Christmas Sparkle & Bling to my tree taken from the Home chocolate factory Sosa range

I couldn't resist trying on cake

I couldn’t resist trying on cake

So here are a few shots from my demonstration: Scroll all the way to the bottom for step by step instructions on how to make your own stacking Xmas tree.

I love walking around the cake show & had promised myself this year I wasn’t going to buy anything. It is impossible there is always something new to see, new techniques to learn & new trends. Items to make your life more easy & save you time & money long term. I came home with the new Cake frame. I cant wait to use it. I think this is also going to open up so many doors for people in the next show for the competitions.

Lastly here are a few snaps of just some of the cake entries for Birmingham 2014. All truly amazing as usual. International Cake Show website right up for Birmingham

As I also make Chocolates & bespoke cakes for you to buy please use the Contact me to place an order request. I will soon be posting this years Christmas selection that will be available mid December. Some items will be postal but larger items will be collection only. make sure you get your orders in early (notify me of any dietary requirements) I will be doing as promised my Gifford’s Hall Red Wine Truffles. ”

Christmas Stacking tree – How to make your own

These Tree are ready available from my-self See my Christmas Collection.

But if you want to have a little fun & have ago yourself Here are a few pointers to get you on your way.

Create a stunning chocolate table decoration and impress your friends & family.
Equipment Needed:
Stack-A-Tree Chocolate Mould – C171 Available from the Home chocolate factory
Christmas Assortment Mould – C20 (optional)
Heat-proof Bowl
Spoon, Melted Chocolate

1) For Melting & Tempering Please see section in detail.

2) Spoon in a contrasting coloured chocolate to the top of the mould and tap to remove any air bubbles & make the chocolate go flat.

3) You can then add different flavours or textures by adding ingredients to the melted Chocolate such as raisins, dried fruit, chopped nuts & small marshmallows, and then spooning this mixture into the mould (See Basic Recipes for ideas of inclusions & other Flavours).

4) Next, fill in all the other sections with chocolate. For variety you could fill each one with a different flavour, colour or texture.

5) If you have any chocolate left over, use this in a Christmas Assortment mould and make small table decorations for your guests to nibble on

6) Place the filled mould in a cool dry place recommend between 5C & 12C  if using Couverture, if using baking chocolate place them in the refrigerator for around 45 minutes or until they have set. Remove the mould from the refrigerator and gently twist. Place a board over the top and turn over. The finished shapes should fall out onto the board. If they don’t fall out easily, twist the mould again to break the air lock or it could be because they have not set properly. If so, return them to the refrigerator for another few minutes.

Again if using couverture and have in a cool dry room the chocolate will contract from the moulds when set making it very easy to remove.

7) Next to Stack the tree apply a little melted chocolate to the base of each layer of chocolate this will act as glue. Stack using the small round as the base then go largest to smallest until you have the star for the top.

To Decorate see Affects for different ideas. With everything from Colouring chocolate & painting on green flecks to using edible glitter & sprays.

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